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Amazing what you can achieve with Roxanne glue and a mini iron!



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'Tipsy Tulips'
Appliquart Workshop with
Robyn Coots

What a happy 2 days
What a super workshop

Lots of fun and laughs as we learnt to do turned appliqué with glue and iron rather than needle and thread

We also learnt to respect those wicked little irons ...
3 "ouch!" moments with burnt fingers - Aloe Vera gel and bandaids to the rescue!
3 "oops!" moments with contact with plastic bags - our noses told us burning was happening

Thankyou Robyn for your generosity in sharing your technique and your many tips

And thankyou to the Kitchen Angels who brought us cups of coffee & delicious slices and prepared the lunch table with mugs of home made soup & the makings for salad rolls