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5th Tuesday Sewing Days

Making Quilts For Others
9.30 am to 3.30 pm

The Charity Quilt - Click here for photos and details

Most years, members of BMFQ choose a charity to support
 and they make a quilt for use as a fund-raiser

  QFOs (Quilts For Others)

Our ‘Production Line’ is an on-going effort which produces completed quilts to send off for local needs and the 'Very Snuggly Quilts' program

A QFO Pack contains blocks with their borders, batting, backing and binding, and a rough diagram of the quilt.
If you would like a pack, please see Judy at a meeting

You can bring items to a meeting and give them to Judy to deliver

Have you made a quilt top but need batting and/or backing fabric to complete your QFO? See Judy at a meeting

Unwanted blocks     or quilt tops     or fabric     or batting?

Donate them and we'll complete the quilts and send them on to a good cause - it's these donations that keep our 'Production Line' moving along!



Patterns / Requirements / Info

Click on a link to take you to the pattern, size requirements or information, then the  Back  button brings you back to this page

These info sheets are ready to print, usually two to an A4 page - one for you, one for a friend!

Quilts for Others

Very Snuggly Quilts - what size?  Any size ...
 from 24" square for the Newborns to single bed for the older Teenagers!

Vic Quilters organise for around 200 quilts every month to be delivered to the Royal Children's Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.
Quilts are a gift to patients, with a life threatening illness, aged between a few days old to their early twenties

Each child takes their quilt home
then the link to Community /  Very Snuggly Quilts & Quilts of Love

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Knit for Others


KOGO (Knit One Give One)

for their reports, patterns, etc
Patterns for beanies & scarves and much more

Teddy - knitting pattern
can be sent to KOGO and other places

House Sox
Kids love them, adults do too!
Make them for KOGO (see above)

Triangles Scarf
Such a fun scarf to knit, especially effective with variegated wool
Make them for KOGO (see above)

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'5000 Poppies' Project

It grew into something HUGE - Google it !!


The original Request

Knitting pattern

Crochet pattern


Baby Beanies

Every newborn at the Bacchus Marsh Hospital is given a beanie

Baby Beanie pattern


For knitters who are interested …


Long-Tail Cast On: This is how I like to cast on, especially for sox, it gives a firm but elastic result.



QFOs   -   (So Who's Counting ... )

Whether you donate fabric, batting or your time, you can be sure that your efforts are most definitely appreciated
Well done, everyone. As my grandson would say: You're AWESOME !!

2011 Tally


2014 Tally


To Flood Relief:

18 quilts


  1 quilt

Very Snuggly Quilts:

48 quilts

Very Snuggly Quilts:

31 quilts


 11 quilts

CAFS Kinship Program:

  6 quilts

TOTAL for 2011:

77 quilts

TOTAL for 2014:

38 quilts

2012 Tally


2015 Tally



  9 quilts



Very Snuggly Quilts:

51 quilt tops
74 quilts

Very Snuggly Quilts:

65 quilts

CAFS Kinship

  1 quilt

CAFS Kinship Program:

  2 quilts

Raffle Quilt to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation

  1 quilt

Raffle Quilt to raise funds for Angels Flight

  1 quilt

TOTAL for 2012:

85 quilts
51 quilt tops

TOTAL for 2015:

68 quilts

2013 Tally


2016 Tally  


  9 quilts

Local: Place Mats for Xmas via Meals on Wheels etc.

94 place mats

Very Snuggly Quilts:

53 quilts

Very Snuggly Quilts:

23  quilts

CAFS Kinship Program:

  4 quilts


TOTAL for 2013:

66 quilts

TOTAL for 2016:

23 quilts

2017 Tally


2018 Tally  

CAFS Kinship Program:

  1 quilt

Local & Bushfire

  4 quilts

Very Snuggly Quilts:

97 Baby quilts

23 larger quilts

Very Snuggly Quilts:

  7 baby  quilts

18 larger quilts


  4 quilts

St John of God Oncology Dept

  8 baby wraps

TOTAL for 2017:

121 quilts

TOTAL for 2018:

29 quilts