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Gallery of Blocks, Tops & QFOs  -  2011-2018


'Production Line' sewing is a great way of creating QFOs
5th Tuesdays in the month have often been an excuse to hold a Sewing Day
These days are busy and productive, noisy with chat and laughter as we endeavour to solve the problems of the world

You'll see there are favourite 'Production Line' blocks that repeat across the years
especially sewing strips cut from leftover fabric onto a foundation - Simply Diagonal, Louisa Star, Pentagon Crazy, Hexagon Crazy


16 Simply Diagonal strip blocks (36" square)


Louisa Star block

Strips log cabin style around a Pentagon on a foundation
for the Pentagon Crazy block

24 Black Louisa Star blocks
the blocks also create interesting secondary designs


Pentagon Crazy blocks with sashes and cornerstones

Pentagon Crazy blocks with sashes and cornerstones

Appliqué dogs made into a quilt top

Appliqué cats made into a quilt top

16 Yellow Louisa Star blocks (36" square)

Appliqué trucks made into a quilt centre

Appliqué sheep made into a quilt centre

Hexagon Crazy Patch blocks into a top

Donated star blocks - Quilt 1 - 48" square


Donated Star blocks - Quilt 2 - 44" square

32 x 8" blocks              24 x 8" blocks                12 x 6" blocks

Stack & Slash Crazy Squares

Stack & Slash
24 blocks in one colour way

18 blocks in another colour way


Sashes added to blocks for a quilt top

A quilt top made from donated blocks + bits of fabric

5 x 7 donated blocks joined into a top

12 hexagon crazy patch blocks for a quilt centre

24 Louisa Star blocks - don't yellow stars sing!

pentagon crazy patch blocks
with sashing & cornerstones

a donated centre

6 hexagon crazy patch blocks

16 hexagon crazy patch blocks

24 Louisa Star blocks

A donated bag of triangles, sorted into lights & darks
 and 16 blocks were made

Another day we played with the layout
for a different spread of the lights and brights.

Pentagon Crazy Patch blocks with sashing