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5th Tuesday Sewing Days
-  -  - Making Quilts For Others -  -  -

Visitors welcome   -   BYO lunch!

Your website manager has been slack on the Report-writing front in 2015

Yes, we have had our Sewing Days. Yes, they have been busy and productive
and noisy with chat and laughter as we endeavour to solve the problems of the world!

The number of QFOs made & given in 2015 totalled 67

Report from 29th July 2014

Back at The Laurels!
There was a cheery buzz in the air with 22 ladies present altogether - more embroiderers than quilters, we confess, and a few who belong to both groups.

Val, Yvonne, Helen & Moira were the busy machinists
and Jean was on ironing duty.

16 strippy blocks were completed
3 quilt centres had their borders added
a quilt binding was stitched into place



16 Simply Diagonal strip blocks were made (36" square)


Report from 29th April 2014

What with Easter & Anzac Day and a clash with the BM Embroiderers Sewing Day, we were small in number

Yvonne, Val, Liz, Vee, Judy & visitor Shirley
achieved plenty, just the same!

  • Blocks & borders pieced into a Quilt Top
  • 9 Louisa Star foundation pieced blocks
  • 27 Simply Diagonal foundation pieced blocks
  • 6 bindings attached to their quilts ready for hand stitching



9 Louisa Star blocks were made


Report from 29th October 2013

15 Black Louisa Star blocks from our July day and 9 from today were joined into a centre, and a further 27 blocks made!

Good roll-up - quite rowdy at times - but, as always, productive.

We missed you Pat - hope you're settling in happily in Toowoomba and enjoying having family around you.

Jenny, Pauline, Denise, Val, Vee, Patricia, Jennie, Laurel, Helen, Judy and visitors Liz & Marg did LOTS of strip sewing to create 36 Louisa Star blocks

Shared Lunch worked - we'll continue with that idea!



Accumulated Pentagon Crazy blocks were joined up with sashes and cornerstones

Report from 30th July 2013

We're liking the space and light at DNH - though we managed to blow the fuse several times!


Pat L, Val (Valarie H), Patricia C, Liz, Pam, Moira, Mazi, Kerrie & Judy were there
and the 9 of us had a productive day


15 Black Louisa Star blocks were made

9 Yellow Louisa Star blocks were made, giving enough to made a 36" square centre

Another set of Pentagon Strips on Foundation blocks were sashed into quilt centre

Applique dogs made into a quilt top

Applique cats made into a quilt top

Applique trucks made into a quilt centre

Applique sheep made into a quilt centre

4" blocks joined into a quilt centre



Report from 30th April 2013

Our 1st time at DNH - very pleasant
Pat L, Val (Valarie H), Patricia C, Mazi, Liz, Sue L, Janice, Jennie L, Vee & Judy got stuck into it


19 Pentagon Strips on Foundation blocks were completed

2 lots of donated star blocks had borders added, then were trimmed to a uniform size and the quilt tops completed


1 quilt binding was part stitched into place

Donated star blocks - Quilt 1 - 48" square

Donated Star blocks - Quilt 2 - 44" square

Report from 29th January 2013

It's good to get together to launch the new year and catch up after the holidays.
Lyn H, Cheryl, Jenny L, Dot, Janet, Pat, Val H, Moira, Margaret W, Vee, Mazi, Laurel & Judy rolled in & got busy.

32 x 8" blocks              24 x 8" blocks                12 x 6" blocks

Stack & Slash Crazy Squares


That's 83 blocks altogether sewn today!

1 binding stitched down, 2 part done & taken to be completed

15 Pentagon Strips on Foundation blocks

Sashes added to blocks for a quilt top

Report from 30th October 2012

9 members came along throughout the day - Pat, Lyn, Val, Helen, Pam, Mazi, Laurel, Liz & Judy

A busy and productive day.  And some laughs along the way!

Report from 31st July 2012

Our workers were Pat, Vee, Helen, Laurel, Yvonne, Janet, two Pams, Val, Helga, Marjorie, Mazzie & Judy

Some came and stayed for the day
Some came for a while
Some came ... and went ... and came ...

Some worked on items or our Members' Stall at the Exhibition in September

4 more blocks were completed for the Charity Quilt (raising funds for the McGrath Foundation, to help provide Breast Care Nurses)

Pat making bags for the Stall in Sept

Strips onto a foundation are an old friend!

15 blocks completed

Some worked on the 'production line' as part of the on-going process of making Quilts For Others

A busy and productive day. Yes, we were rowdy.

The Embroiderers were up the other end also busy preparing stuff for their Stall in September. (And goodness me, they were rowdier!)

Stack & Slash
24 blocks in one colour way

18 blocks in the other colour way

Report from 29th May 2012

Liz S, Pat, Moira and Pam had their sewing machines motoring along.
Robyn was ironing and Judy was cutting

Moira brought along home baked cup cakes and bickies to keep us cheerful.

Lyn and the Embroiderers (an impressive 12 of them!) were up the other end. They found our rotary cutters and mats handy and raided our box of Fat Quarters - good stuff!

Louisa Star blocks were joined into a top
Borders to be added

9 hexagon crazy patch blocks into a top
Another 20 into a 2nd top

Blocks from our last 5th Tuesday were made into quilt tops.

Some of the 9-patch blocks and some border pieces were made for the 2012 Charity Quilt.

Small bags and items were completed for the Stall at our Exhibition in September - Pam has prepared some kits with pattern & fabric; they can be collected at the June and July meetings.

Pat delivered this quilt top, made from donated bits of fabric

31st January 2012

What a great turn-up, and what fun! We were all so pleased to see one another again after the summer break.

With the Embroiderers up one end and the Patchworkers up the other, there was a happy hum of chatter all day. But the fingers were certainly busy too!

On the day we achieved ...
   * 37 hexagon crazy patch blocks
   * 24 Louisa's Star blocks
   * 35 donated blocks made into a quilt centre
   * 2 partly made quilt centres
   * bindings sewn on to complete 2 quilts
   * unpicking on 3 small quilts, ready to go into 'the production line'

5 x 7 donated blocks were joined into a top

12 hexagon crazy patch blocks for a quilt centre

 Our workers this time were Pat, Vee, Janet, Moira, Pam, Jenny L, Val Hodgson, Yvonne, Laurel, Helen & Judy, with Lyn & Ida occasionally visiting from 'the other side'. And 'She Who Never Sleeps', our wonderful Helga, delivered in 14 completed quilts (6 crib, 7 mid size and 1 splendid double bed size)

There were 2 boxes of strips. After rummaging through them, at the end of the day it actually looked as though there was more fabric than when we started!

If you couldn't make this one, our next 5th Tuesday is on 29 May

24 Louisa's Star blocks - don't yellow stars sing!

29th November 2011

Janet, Pat, Vee, Robyn S, Pauline, Moira, Pam, Jenny & Judy gathered at The Laurels on a hot and humid north wind day - bless the air conditioning, we sewed in comfort!

4 sewing machines hummed all day.

1 centre was donated, the blocks from last time (see below) were made into 2 centres, and 22 hexagon crazy patch blocks were made - finished blocks are 9" square.

3 sat and hand stitched and 3 bindings were completed.

Pauline brought a cream sponge - an excuse to celebrate a couple of November birthdays. Yum.

pentagon crazy patch blocks with sashing & cornerstones added

donated centre delivered on the day

a better layout than last time?

6 hexagon crazy patch blocks

16 hexagon crazy patch blocks

30th August 2011

Janet, Val H, Pat, Ida, Vee, Sherrie, Jenny, Judy & visitors Joy, Maija & Chris gathered at The Laurels.

A donated bag of triangles was sorted into lights and darks and 16 blocks were made. Another day we'll play some more with the layout of the blocks, to get a better spread of the lights and brights.

We also revisited the pentagon crazy patch, stitched on a foundation. 12 blocks were made. Charcoal grey sashing and red cornerstones will be added, and a border.

The Hospitality Group at The Laurels was holding a Sausage Sizzle as a fundraiser for The Neighbourhood Place, so that solved lunch for some of us - a particularly good hamburger sandwich with onions and cheese!

A happy and productive day.